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Transportation and Agriculture Department Change Highlights

In 2020, Wheatland County undertook an external review of the Transportation and Agriculture Department. The review was undertaken in an effort to increase efficiency and effectiveness while identifying any gaps in service both now and in the future.

Some of the changes that have occurred include:

  • Reduction of the grader divisions from 11 to 10 will provide cost savings with a minimal reduction in service levels.
  • Introduction of a Fleet Coordinator which will continually analyze the fleet and equipment to ensure the inventory remains appropriate.
  • Road reconstruction will be completed through contracted services with an approximate road reconstruction target of 4 miles every 2 years.
  • The creation of an in-house Road Repair Crew that will be able to focus on more specific problem areas on roads.
  • Requests from stakeholders are tracked through an integrated software.
  • Introduction of a Special Projects Coordinator who will be responsible for managing all of the capital projects within the County.
  • Heightened attention to fiscal responsibility within the department. Looking for efficiencies and innovation across the department to continue providing excellent levels of service for residents.
  • A shift in focus to a data driven maintenance-based approach with emphasis on extending the lifespan of existing infrastructure.
  • Implementation of an innovative gravelling program which has allowed for a large reduction in the amount of equipment while retaining a comparable level of service.
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