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Wheatland County’s day-to-day operations are led by the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and carried out by around 130 staff. Operations are divided into departments and underlying business divisions as seen below.

Administrative Services

A couple small departments report directly to the Chief Administrative Officer. These departments include business divisions such as human resources, payroll, communications, and health and safety; as well as geographic information systems (mapping and addressing) 

Chief Administrative Officer
Brian Henderson, CPA, CA


Deputy Chief Administrative Officer
Matthew Boscariol, MES, MCIP, RPP


The Community and Development Services department is comprised of several diverse divisions that provide a wide range of both hard and soft services to the county and region as a whole. Business divisions within the department include subdivision and redesignation, development services, safety codes, emergency and fire services, economic development, tourism, community services (parks and recreation), and protective services.

This administrative department includes business divisions such as property tax and assessmentutility billing, accounts payable and receivables, IT services, records management, asset management, GIS, and financial reporting. Also included within this department, are staff that manage the main phone line and reception counter at the administration office.

Interim General Manager of Corporate and Financial Services
Cory Adamson

General Manager of Transportation and Agriculture
Brad Bullock


This is Wheatland County’s largest department. Included in the Transportation and Agriculture department are the following business divisions: agricultural servicesenvironmental programswaste transfer site operations, gravel pit operations, facility maintenance, land services, utility and hamlet operations, vehicle and equipment maintenance, and all public works crews (construction, grader, gravel, and surfacing/bridge crews).

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