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In 2016 Wheatland County recognized the necessity of meeting increasing environmental challenges in a way that best suits Wheatland County ratepayers, responding with the development of its County-wide Environmental Program. Five key focus areas guide administrative activity with a goal to continually improve County operations and promote environmental stewardship, as follows:

    1. Operational Environmental Compliance
    2. Environmental Communications
    3. Environmental Education
    4. Technical Support
    5. Advancing Environmental Sustainability

Wheatland County’s formal commitment to environmental stewardship is outlined in our Environmental Policy, and recognizes the importance of protecting the environment for the benefit and enjoyment of our residents, businesses, and visitors. Accepting accountability for actions that may impact the environment, Wheatland County is committed to:

    • balancing the environment with the social and economic needs of the community;
    • leading by example;
    • understanding and responding to the specific environmental needs of our residents and natural environment; and
    • engaging and enabling stakeholders to protect the value that our natural environment provides.

Each year, Wheatland County releases an Environmental Program Update describing activities undertaken in the municipality that align with our five key program areas. More information about the program can be found in these documents

Trees and Shrubs
Tonnes of Recycling
Water Rebates
Conservations Projects

Environmental County Services

Additional Environmental Resources

More Documents

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