In 2016 Wheatland County recognized the necessity of meeting increasing environmental challenges in a way that best suits Wheatland County ratepayers, responding with the development of its County-wide Environmental Program. Five key focus areas guide administrative activity with a goal to continually improve County operations and promote environmental stewardship, as follows:

    1. Operational Environmental Compliance
    2. Environmental Communications
    3. Environmental Education
    4. Technical Support
    5. Advancing Environmental Sustainability

Wheatland County’s formal commitment to environmental stewardship is outlined in our Environmental Policy, and recognizes the importance of protecting the environment for the benefit and enjoyment of our residents, businesses, and visitors. Accepting accountability for actions that may impact the environment, Wheatland County is committed to:

    • balancing the environment with the social and economic needs of the community;
    • leading by example;
    • understanding and responding to the specific environmental needs of our residents and natural environment; and
    • engaging and enabling stakeholders to protect the value that our natural environment provides.

Each year, Wheatland County releases an Environmental Program Update describing activities undertaken in the municipality that align with our five key program areas. More information about the program can be found in these documents

Trees and Shrubs
Tonnes of Recycling
Water Rebates
Conservations Projects

Environmental County Services

At the end of 2018, Wheatland County adopted a Public Tree Policy. The Policy provides a framework for the management of trees on County property and in hamlet communities with the intent of planting new trees, monitor their condition, replace trees where necessary, and seek alternatives to the removal of trees that conflict with infrastructure and development projects. Wheatland County adopted this Policy with the understanding that a reduction in the number of trees within the County has impacts on environmental and aesthetic benefits, health and well-being of citizens, health and availability of habitat for birds and wildlife, and the aesthetic value of County properties.

Wheatland County facilitates recycling of farm chemical containers, grain bags, and plastic baler twine. More information about these programs can be found here.

The Wheatland County Agricultural Service Board (ASB) is committed to strengthening, promoting, and supporting agriculture and the environment within our municipality with a view to continually improve how we operate in future years. The ASB develops and implements programs and policies that focus on the areas of weeds, pests, soil and water conservation, and environmental issues for the benefit of all residents.

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Wheatland County’s Agriculture and Environment department focuses on working with private landowners and external agencies to ensure the sustainability of our agricultural landscape. More information about these programs can be found here.

Since 2015, Wheatland County has offered a water rebate for residential homeowners who replace water fixtures with more efficient models. Ratepayers are eligible for up to $60 per fixture, to a maximum of $180 per household, for replacing old fixtures with: certified high-efficiency, low-flow toilets; certified low-flow faucets and shower heads; and Energy Star certified washing machines.

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Wheatland County offers funding, and facilitates funding from external agencies, to extend to private landowners to assist with stewardship initiatives in Wheatland County. More information on these programs can be found here.

Additional Environmental Resources

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Fire Ban

Wheatland County has declared a Fire Ban. Permit burning is prohibited and no new permits will be issued.

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