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Road Bans

Road Bans have been updated and are in effect as of February 20, 2024, at 8:00 a.m.

Road bans typically start in March and can go through to end of November, and are put in place to help protect County roads from damage. Road bans will change depending on weather, road construction, change of road surface and truck haul routes. As changes are made, this page will be updated so…before you head out, check back here for a list of all bans and a map to go with it! If you have any questions about restrictions on Wheatland County roads, please email us!

If you are requiring information on highway restrictions, weight charts, permits and much more please visit RoaData.

You will find (below) all pertinent data for all road bans in place at any given time. This includes:

List of road bans: Gravel and Surfaced

  • shows time and date road bans are in effect
  • line numbers on the left side coincide with the map
  • lists the road name and the banned distance in miles/kms
  • shows where the ban starts (from road #) and where the ban ends (to road #)
  • shows percentage of axle weight (far right)
  • if you’ve downloaded the file, click on the road name or line number to zoom into the banned road on the map

Map of road bans: Gravel and Surfaced

  • Download the PDF to your desktop for optimized usage and full tool capabilities
  • Make sure the map has fully uploaded – it can take a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet
  • use the legend in the bottom right corner to identify axle weight restrictions
  • toggle zoom tools using the icons in the bottom right corner: (fit to page), (+) to zoom in, (-) to zoom out
  • slide map up or down (arrow-far right) or across (arrow-bottom) to find area
  • the note number coincides with the list of roads
  • hover over or click on the number sticker for more information

Over Weight/Dimension Permits

To ensure the safety of the travelling public and to minimize damage to County roads, Wheatland County monitors and controls the weight and dimensions of vehicles travelling on our roads. However, permits may be available for the movement of oversize and overweight loads, depending on circumstance.

To apply for an overweight/over dimension vehicle permit, please complete the following online form.


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