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Road Agreements and Forms

Road Use Agreements

The Access and Work Agreement is a prerequisite of Wheatland County for all contractors and utility companies that do work in County road allowances. The agreement grants the contractor/utility company permission to work in the specified area; ensures that the contractor/utility company have general liability insurance in place, naming Wheatland County as additional insured; and it provides guidelines for the contractor/utility company to follow while performing their work.

A road use agreement is required for construction, intensive truck hauls, oil field activity, etc., on county roads. If you are building a road approach, more information is available on the Road Approach Applications page.

If you are hauling soil into Wheatland County or accepting soil onto agricultural lands, please see our fact sheet to learn more about risks associated with this activity and methods of mitigating them.

Please email completed agreements to our office.


  •  Letter of Credit/cash deposit
  •  Certificate of Insurance (Wheatland County added as additional insured)
  • Time frame (duration of project)
  • Hours of operation
  • Number of trucks per day
  • Average weight of trucks
  • What materials are being hauled
  • Type of equipment being used
  • Route description including

Access and Work Agreements

To utilize or work on property owned by the county, or which is under the direction, control, and management of the county you will require an access and work agreement. To confirm which schedules you require please contact the office at 403-934-3321 or email.

The following is a list of schedules that pertain to activities that form the access and work agreement: 

  • Dust Control
  • Excavation
  • Haying on County Owned Land
  • Miscellaneous Schedules
  • Pipeline Crossing
  • Road Approach
  • Road Crossings – Water Lines
  • Road Crossings-Utilities
  • Road Design Guidelines and Procedures
  • Roadside Haying
  • Roadside Work
  • Signs and Signage
  • Texas Gate

Return email completed agreement here, and be sure to include:

  • Certificate of Insurance (Wheatland County added as additional insured)

Community Aggregate Report Form

The Community Aggregate Report form needs to be completed twice per year by all aggregate operators in Wheatland County. Forms and payments are due within 30 days of June 30 and December 31 each year. 


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