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Tag: Rosebud

Regional Waterline Connection in Rosebud

Residents in the Hamlet of Rosebud may notice some cloudiness in their drinking water for a short period of time due to the new regional line connection. This cloudiness is caused by a difference in chemistry between the well water and the regional water. The water is safe to consume and the cloudiness will clear […]

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Rosebud Wastewater System Construction

Knibb Developments Ltd. is constructing a new Wastewater Lagoon, Discharge, and Forcemain System on behalf of the Wheatland County, for the Hamlet of Rosebud. Construction began October 26, 2020, the project will be finished by June 30, 2021. Please contact Jason on cell at 403-312-1951 if you require further information (24 hour emergency number).

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