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Our Community Peace Officers serve 8,788 residents and major industries in both our hamlets and rural areas. Our peace officers also provide enforcement assistance (through MOUs) to the villages of  Rockyford, Standard, and Hussar, as well as the Town of Strathmore.

The County’s area of 4,545 square kilometres includes rural properties, acreages, farms, industrial properties, and other holdings. Their jurisdiction also includes the hamlets of Carseland, Chancellor, Cheadle, Cluny, Gleichen, Lyalta, Namaka, Nightingale, and Rosebud as well as the surrounding communities of: Ardenode, Baintree, Bartstow, Crowfoot, Dalum, Dunshalt, Eagle Lake, Makepeace, Redland, Speargrass, Stobart, Strangmuir, and Tudor.

Have you seen the new LIVE Wheatland County Crime Map?

This map is created by the RCMP for the public to view reliable information regarding missing persons, stolen vehicles, and high crime areas.

If you require emergency police, fire, or medical attention, please call 9-1-1!

Additional Services

The Animal Control Bylaw governs issues such as number of animals permitted on a property, dog licensing, and vicious dog definitions.

Our officers offer many great programs for schools, community events, and workplace functions. 

  • Bike Rodeos
  • Crime Prevention for the Elderly
  • Internet Safety
  • Issues for Elderly Drivers
  • Play Safe
  • Rural Crime Prevention
  • Scams Awareness
  • Substance Abuse

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CPTED seek to “harden” or reduce the attractiveness of potential crime targets. Aspects such as locks, windows, doors, fencing, cameras, lighting, and vegetation are just some of the tools in the CPTED toolkit. The practice of CPTED ensures that all spaces are defined, properly designed, and have a designated use. Altogether these strategies and tools seek to deflect and deter crime within and around properties and communities.

The resulting data from these audits will be delivered to ratepayers in a standard report that outlines deficiencies and suggestions on how to improve them. Residential and commercial audits will be completed on a basic level, focusing on physical aspects of the properties.

Within Wheatland County, the RCMP address all criminal matters and patrol roads throughout the area. There are five RCMP districts in the County. To get more information about district boundaries and contact information for ech detachment, click on the link below. In case of emergency, call 911, and they will contact the appropriate detachment for you.

Have you seen the new LIVE Wheatland County Crime Map?

The RCMP have created a live crime map for the public to view information on missing persons, stolen vehicle and high crime areas.

Hate Hurts

Hate Hurts is a diversity and hate/bias education program for junior and senior high schools. This program provides schools with the skill development, information and resources needed to support an environment that actively addresses issues of hate, bias and discrimination to foster safe spaces.

This award-winning program was developed by the Calgary Police Service. It offers one to three hour presentations. The presentations include information around hate and bias crimes as well as active witness skill training.

Addictions Programs (in conjunction with SWAT)

Any Time is the Right Time

The most common conversation SWAT has with parents is about how to broach the subject of substance abuse with their children. This workshop is intended as an introduction for the parent to learn how to begin talking about risky behaviours such as alcohol and drug abuse, among other self-destructive behaviours.

Not Just Another Anonymous Face

In this presentation, we explore very frankly the long term physical and emotional effects of substance abuse. The majority of this program is a series of three very personal stories of real people suffering from addiction and where it led them. The aim of this program is to appeal to the youth’s sense of self-preservation, and to understand that physical maiming, suffering terminal illnesses and ultimately death happens not only to the anonymous faces we see on the screen or those that we hear third-hand, but real people related to people in our community.

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