The Wheatland County Agricultural Service Board (ASB) is established by county council under the authority of the Agricultural Service Board Act. The Wheatland County ASB is comprised of a combination of members at large and elected council members. 

Members include:

Chair Jason Wilson
Vice Chair Glenn Koester
Amber Link
Barry Van Laar
Ben Armstrong
Brittany Walker
Donna Biggar
Rex Harwood
Tom Ikert
Scott Klassen (alternate)

Duties of the ASB:

  • Advise county council and the Minister of agriculture on matters of mutual concern
  • Advise, organize and direct weed and pest control, livestock disease control, and soil and water conservation programs
  • Promote, enhance, and protect viable and sustainable agriculture with a view to improving the economic viability of the agricultural producer
  • Promote and develop agricultural policies to meet the needs of the agricultural industry in the county


Provincial statutes which are administered by the Board include:

  • Weed Control Act
  • Soil Conservation Act
  • Agricultural Pests Act
  • Agricultural Service Board Act

Additional statutes worked with include the:

  • Animal Health Act

The Fieldman

The agricultural fieldman acts as a designated officer of the county in carrying out the functions, duties, and powers of the county under any legislation relating to agriculture. These duties respond to both needs of the county and the producer. The Agricultural Service Board has initiated a variety of programs including weed control, education, roadside mowing, and conservation.

Partner Organizations

The following are organizations that have partnered with Wheatland County’s Agricultural Services Department:


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