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Wheatland County’s boards and committees play an important role in the operations of Wheatland County. Unlike Council, members of these bodies are appointed, not elected. Some of the boards and committees require members to meet specific qualifications, such as residency in the County, or have a specific area of expertise. But while each body differs in its area of responsibility and requirements for appointment, they all have one common requirement: they depend on citizens willing to serve their municipality.

Council representatives sitting on boards and committees affiliated with Wheatland County are appointed at the annual organizational meeting. Appointments to boards and committees can vary from one to three years. View the Committee Organizational Chart to see the current roster of committee members. Council members also represent their divisions as regional IDPs and ICFs representatives.

Council creates council committees and appoints committee members. Council may decide to create a temporary committee to look at a specific issue. There may also be standing committees. Standing committees run from year to year to deal with ongoing issues.

Committees can play a bigger role in making decisions on issues for Council. If Council wants a committee to make decisions, they may delegate some of their powers to the committee. If a committee makes a decision delegated to it by Council, it is then as if the council made the decision itself. Some council decisions, such as passing bylaws or adopting the budget, cannot be delegated.

Section 145 of the Municipal Government Act authorizes a council to pass bylaws in relation to the following:

    1. the establishment and functions of council committees and other bodies;
    2. the procedure and conduct of council, council committees and other bodies established by the council, the conduct of councillors and the conduct of members of council committees and other bodies established by the council. 1994 cM-26.1 s145 ?88

Section 146 of the Municipal Government Act refers to the composition of council committees stating that a council committee may consist

    1. entirely of councillors,
    2. of a combination of councillors and other persons, or
    3. subject to section 154(2), entirely of persons who are not councillors.

Wheatland County's Boards and Committees

    • Agricultural Service Board
      ASB is established by council under the authority of the ASB Act.
    • Committee of the Whole
      A committee where the whole County Council sits as a committee and operates under informal rules to discuss emerging matters and may recommend matters discussed be brought back to a subsequent Council meeting for action.
    • Community Enhancement Regional Board
      Wheatland County recognizes the importance of building a sense of community, and understands the real need for sustainable funding to keep programs and facilities operating. Because of this, the Community Enhancement Fund was created.
    • Municipal Planning Commission
      The Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) is an administrative body that makes decisions on applications for Development Permits and Subdivision Applications.
    • Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
      The general nature and function of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) involves the exercise of a quasi-judicial discretion. The board is vested with the power to decide between individual rights and the claims of public interest. It conducts its hearings fairly and in accordance with the principles of natural justice. The board consists of members of the general public appointed by council.
    • Public Presentation Committee 
      The Public Presentation Committee (PPC) ensures that Wheatland County provides a forum for members of the public and stakeholder groups to present information and updates to the County to ensure the County understands the needs and concerns of its communities.

Visit the agendas and minutes page to view the meeting schedule and agenda packages for upcoming meetings.

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