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Land Use Bylaw

As per the Municipal Government Act (MGA) regulated by the Provincial Government, all municipalities in Alberta are required to adopt a Land Use Bylaw (LUB) which provides rules and regulations for development within its borders. Wheatland County recently updated its Land Use Bylaw in May, 2017 to better respond to the present-day development trends that are occurring in the County.

The intent and goal of a Land Use Bylaw is to ensure orderly, efficient and sustainable development that maintains a high quality of life for ratepayers, protects the public good while ensuring proper development and economic opportunity through clearly defined rules and regulations.

A Land Use Bylaw provides each parcel in the County with a specific land use district (more commonly known as zoning) that defines the specific types of uses that can occur on that parcel. For example, a parcel designated Hamlet Residential General (HRG) District allows for a range of residential uses whereas a parcel designated Industrial General (IG) District  would allow for industrial uses. The Land Use Bylaw provides specific rules and regulations for specific development types including, but not limited to setbacks, lot coverage requirements, parking minimums, study requirements for more complex developments and outlines the overall development process. Land Use Bylaw’s are living documents and subject to amendments after they are initially adopted by a municipality. Typically, municipalities amend their LUB’s throughout the year, however more comprehensive reviews occur every 5-10 years.


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