Please be advised that the Wheatland County Administration Office, Agricultural Service Board Shop, Public Works Shop, and all Waste Transfer Sites will be CLOSED on Monday, July 1, 2024, in observance of Canada Day.⁣⁣ Normal operating hours will resume for all facilities on Tuesday, July 2, 2024.⁣⁣
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Council approved Bylaw 2023-18 Code of Conduct. Bylaw 2023-18 includes the County’s Integrity Commissioner, a position that helps ensure ethical and responsible conduct among Council members. Wheatland County signed an agreement with Kingsgate Legal to serve as the Integrity Commissioner and oversee any potential breaches of the Council Code of Conduct.

The approval of Bylaw 2023-18 demonstrates Council’s dedication to promoting transparency and accountability in its operations. By establishing an impartial body to investigate complaints related to the conduct and ethics of Councillors, and by offering advisory services to assist them in maintaining the high standards expected of Council, this bylaw represents a proactive step towards fostering a culture of integrity and professionalism within our local government.

If a Councillor, member of Administration, Board or Committee member, or member of the public has reason to believe that a Councillor has violated this bylaw, they may file a complaint with the Integrity Commissioner via email or mail.

Email Address: councilcode.wheatland@kingsgate.legal.

Mail Address: Wheatland County  
#242006 Rge Rd 243
Wheatland County, Alberta T1P 2C4
Attn: Integrity Commissioner (Kingsgate Legal)  

A complaint must be in writing and must include the following information:

  1. The complainant’s full name, residential address, and email if any; and
  2. The name of the Councillor who allegedly contravened this bylaw;
  3. The facts surrounding the Councillor’s conduct;
  4. The specific provisions of the bylaw which have been contravened;
  5. Names and contact information of any witnesses to the alleged contravention; and
  6. Any other supporting documentation that will assist in the evaluation of the complaint.

The Integrity Commissioner will not consider anonymous complaints and may refuse to investigate a complaint if the complainant fails or refuses to provide all necessary information.

For further details, please read the Code of Conduct Bylaw 2023-18 by clicking here.

Code of Conduct Investigation Reports

Please note: As per section 65 of Bylaw 2023-18, only investigations that result in a finding of a breach of a code of conduct are made public.

RESOLUTION CM-2023-06-36
Councillor Laursen moved that the investigation report be made public in alignment with the updated Code of Conduct Bylaw.
May 2023 – Councillor Laursen Investigation Report

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