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Dog Licensing

The Animal Control Bylaw governs issues such as number of animals permitted on a property, dog licensing, and vicious dog definitions.

For issues pertaining to animal control, please contact the Wheatland County Protective Services Department during regular business hours, or your local Police of jurisdiction beyond regular business hours.

If you wish to report an animal disturbance, please complete the Record of Disturbance and submit it to our Protective Services department.

Why should I license my dog?

Here are a few good reasons why:

  • It is the law and is less expensive than being caught without a license and having to pay a fine.
  • If your dog goes missing, there is a greater chance to be reunited.
  • If we find your pet and it is injured and needs special medical attention, you can be notified immediately for the best care possible.
  • If your dog goes missing and is picked up by a Peace Officer, he/she will get a ride home.

How do I register (license) my dog?

Initial registration (licensing) for your dog can be done in person at the administration office or online. Please complete the registration form below and attach any documentation showing that the pet has been spayed or neutered, and if it has a microchip or tattoo. You do not need to bring the animal with you to license it.

How much is it to license my dog per calendar year?

  • $50.00 – Intact (not fixed) or
  • $20.00 – Spayed or Neutered (fixed)

All dogs 90 days or older must be licensed.

No more than three (3) dogs are allowed to be kept in a dwelling unit. A person may keep more than three (3) dogs if there are proper permits in place to operate an animal hospital, kennel, or pound; or if the dogs are working stock dogs and the owner of the animals has submitted a letter to Wheatland County and received approval to keep the animals on the premises.

Where do the collected license fees go?

  • Fees help to ensure that lost and found animals have a safe place to be until the owners can be found.
  • Helps with public education programs.
  • Help with the cost of administrating dog license registrations.

If there is a change in your account, please notify us at 403-934-3321 (address change, change in ownership, passing of a pet). You can pay your annual license fee online, by mail, or in person at the administration office.

Lost and Found

We do everything we can to return lost dogs to their families. Licensed pets, however, have a much better chance of being returned to their owners. If a dog is not wearing a license tag, it makes it very difficult to locate the owner. If you have lost a dog, contact our Protective Services department at 403-361-2026. Dogs found by residents and reported to us, or found by our Peace Officers, will be posted to our official social media feeds. 

*Additional inquiries may be made at your local Vet Clinics, Municipal Offices, and/or the Calgary Humane Society.


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