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Council passes bylaws which are put into place to meet the needs of residents, determine provisions and resolve issues. Matters include public safety and standards, business activities, financial provisions, and County services. Municipalities are given the authority to enact bylaws under the Province of Alberta through the Municipal Government Act.

Bylaws created by Wheatland County are regularly reviewed and updated by Council.  All bylaws require three readings by Council before they take effect. Wheatland County encourages public feedback on bylaws which have a significant effect on citizens, such as animal control or traffic bylaws.

Many bylaws, especially land use bylaws, require advertising and a public hearing before Council may approve them.  These are referred to as statutory public hearings, and are usually scheduled for 9 a.m. on the same day as regular Council Meetings.  Notice of the public hearing is posted on the Public Notices page and may be advertised in the Strathmore Times, Drumheller Mail, and/or Bassano Times in advance of the hearing.


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