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Water and Wastewater

Wheatland County operates portable water plants at Speargrass/Carseland, Gleichen, and Rosebud. The county also operates sewage treatment facilities at Carseland, Gleichen, Cluny, and Rosebud. If you live in one of these communities, your water and sewer services are, therefore, provided by Wheatland County, and you have an account with the County. Wheatland County is not involved with the operations in neighboring towns and villages.

Any questions regarding billing and account information can be directed to the utilities clerk at 403-361-2018.

Outdoor Water Restrictions

At times, Wheatland County may ask all utility users to temporarily cut back on non-essential outdoor water usage. This might happen when:

  • There is less water in the rivers due to a drought.
  • We are fixing or improving water infrastructure.
  • Hot temperatures lead to high water demand, stretching our treatment plants’ capacity.
  • The raw water source is less clean than usual, requiring additional time for treatment.

Please use the Outdoor Water Restriction Guide below for your reference. If we all do our part and follow the restrictions when they are in place, we can reduce the strain on the rivers and water treatment plants.

Are you moving into or out of a hamlet?

Moving in

You will need to set up an account so that Wheatland County can provide you with water and sewer services (note that in Cluny, water is provided by individual wells, and the County provides sewer services only). To do this, be sure you know both your mailing address and service address (house #, street name/number). 

Moving Out

Let us know if you are moving out so we can cancel your utilities. Be sure you know both your mailing address and service address (house #, street name/number).

Change of Mailing Address

If you’ve updated your mailing address, or would like your utility bills to be routed elsewhere, please let us know! Complete and submit our online form before the next billing cycle.

Prefer to receive your bills electronically and save on paper waste? Sign up for our new eBill service!

NEW Utility eBilling Service

Residents now have the option to go paperless and have utility bills sent directly to an email address.

Why switch to eBill?

  • eBill is quick, easy to use, and secure
  • you will receive an email notification with your bill attached
  • eBill reduces paper clutter and the need to file or recycle old bills

You can access your bills anywhere, anytime. Opt-in to receive utility bills by email through our fast and easy online form.

Water Efficiency Rebate Program

Since 2015, Wheatland County has offered a water rebate for residential homeowners who replace water fixtures with more efficient models. Ratepayers are eligible for up to $60 per fixture, to a maximum of $180 per household, for replacing old fixtures with: certified high-efficiency, low-flow toilets; certified low-flow faucets and shower heads; and Energy Star certified washing machines.

Check your Account Number

The account number is linked to the property – not the owner. Especially when paying through the bank, confirm the account number you have registered with your bank matches your most recent bill before making payment via branch, ATM, online or telephone banking. If you misapply a payment to your old property or to an invalid account number, notify our office immediately. Incorrectly applied payments may result in a late payment penalty if the balance remains unpaid past the due date. Wheatland County is not responsible for errors and/or omissions. 

Own more than one property?

Owners of multiple properties need to register and make payment to each account number separately. If you’ve recently sold a property, you may want to remove the account from your bill payment profile to ensure you do not accidentally use it.

Natural Gas and Electricity 

Wheatland County does not provide natural gas or electricity services. As residents of the County, you will need to set these up yourself, and you have a choice of providers. 

Visit the Utilities Consumer Advocate website to compare electricity and gas prices in your area, view historical rates, or get help resolving water and energy utility related issues.

The website is an interactive resource that is helping consumers, especially vulnerable Albertans, make informed choices about their electricity and natural gas services.

The website is mobile and tablet responsive and has several innovative features, all of which are intended to provide a high-quality user/consumer experience:

  • An interactive Cost Comparison Tool to give consumers the delivered cost of energy;
  • Prominent and clear information about the services of the UCA’s Consumer Mediation Team;
  • Plain-language content that’s easy to understand; and
  • A searchable database that displays historical natural gas and electricity rates in a user-friendly format.
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