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Agricultural Conservation Projects

  • Bow River Phosphorus Management Plan
  • 2012 Crowfoot Creek Community Riparian Health Inventory
  • 2011 Rosebud River Community Riparian Health Inventory

Environmental Farm Plan Program

The Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) is a voluntary, whole farm, self-assessment tool that helps producers identify their environmental risks and develop plans to mitigate identified risks. We are working together with farmers committed to environmental stewardship. The Environmental Farm Plan Program is avaliable to interested landowners in Wheatland County visit the EFP website or email for more information.

Funding Programs

Learn more about Wheatland County’s Agricultural Conservation Funding Programs.

Wetland Inventory

In August, 2016, Wheatland County completed a wetland inventory identifying the location of wetlands throughout the municipality. The wetland inventory expands the base of information available to Wheatland County Council and staff, and is available to the public. The wetland inventory is used as an informational tool only, and does not have any connection to the Alberta Water Act, Public Lands Act, or Alberta Wetland Policy. It is simply an indicator of where wetlands potentially exist on the landscape, for the purposes of interest, land management, and planning. Landowners may benefit from knowing the location of wetlands and drainage courses on the landscape. This information can be accessed on our maps page, upon entering the website, users will see a series of tabs on the left of the screen, and a base map of Wheatland County in the center.

Watershed Planning & Advisory Councils

Red Deer River Watershed Alliance (RDRWA) – The RDRWA is a Watershed Planning and Advisory Council (WPAC) working in the Red Deer River Basin. The alliance has finished the State of the Basin Report (found on their website) and are now working on the Red Deer River Integrated Watershed Management Plan.

Bow River Basin Council (BRBC) – The BRBC is a Watershed Planning and Advisory Council (WPAC) working in the Bow River Basin. The council is currently working on implementation of the Bow River Basin Integrated Watershed Management Plan. For more information visit their website.

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