Dust Control

Dust control is offered by Wheatland County for landowners or residents within the County who wish to reduce the amount of dust created by vehicles travelling on the gravel roads near their homes, businesses or farms.

  • Payment must be received with completed application(s).
  • Dust Control will only proceed if there is sufficient interest.
  • Minimum order 122 meters (400 ft.)
  • Typically it requires two calcium applications to provide dust control for an entire year. The second application is optional (fee applies to each application).
  • Prices reflect “no-charge” for county staff or equipment.

Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride is salt water brine. Once calcium chloride has been applied twice it will typically last the season under normal conditions.


  • May application order deadline – April 24, 2020
    (orders received after April 24th will be completed during the June application)
    Application begins early May (weather permitting)
  • June application order deadline – June 12, 2020
    Application begins late June (weather permitting)


  • County roads $4.92/meter ($1.50/linear foot) plus GST


Oil is crude oil mixed with gravel; it is then spread and packed. Oil should last three or more years under normal conditions. Because oil is easier to mix and will last longer if the weather is hot and dry, the county waits until midsummer to apply.


  • Order Deadline is July 10-20
    Oiling begins late-July


  • County Roads New application – $19.69/meter ($6.00/linear foot) plus GST
  • County Roads Reapplication – $9.85/meter ($3.00/linear foot) plus GST
    Redo rates apply if dust control has been done in the previous 10 years on the same site and at the County’s discretion
  • Gravel Secondary Highways New Application – $22.97/meter ($7.00/linear foot) plus GST
  • Gravel Secondary Highways Reapplication – $19.69/meter ($6.00/linear foot) plus GST
  • Redo rates apply only if dust control has been done in the previous 10 years on the same site and at the County’s discretion.


Wheatland County offers patching of previously applied oil dust control, this service is time sensitive; please fill out the inspection application well in advance of the oiling dead line of July 10, 2020. If an inspection has been completed and if it is determined that the road surface can’t be repaired by patching, then an application for new dust control must be submitted and paid by July 10th, 2020.

Please be advised that the inspection and patching is scheduled only if time permits.

Prices reflect charges for materials only at $100.00/tonne plus GST
(there is no charge for County staff or equipment).


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