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Livestock Emergency Preparedness

Be prepared for an emergency that involves livestock.

Emergencies and disasters can happen with little or no warning. Do you know how to protect your livestock from risks posed by natural disasters or emergencies?

Agriculture in Wheatland County

Livestock production of beef, dairy, sheep, hogs, and poultry are major industries within the County. The total number of cattle and calves in the County is 162,218.

A variety of purebred cattle breeders, commercial cow-calf production enterprises, and several cattle feedlots, together with Calgary Stockyards Auction Market adds up to a very broad and integrated beef industry.

Sheep production enterprises are comprised of pure-bred ram and ewe breeders with the total number of sheep at 4,772.

There are 26,765 pigs in the County comprised of hog farrow to finish enterprises are scattered across the County as well. A major production facility named Sunterra Farms is located east of Strathmore.

Other livestock types found in the County are horses, goats, llamas, and alpacas.

Wheatland County recognizes that emergency plans should:

  1. Be very localized – ensure all resources are local and easily accessible.
  2. Be flexible – every disaster or emergency event is different.
  3. Be simple to implement – don’t overcomplicate or compromise the need to react quickly and efficiently.

Wheatland County has taken great strides to incorporate livestock into our disaster plan to ensure that our municipality is able to assist producers in an emergency event. This program is based on an inventory of our livestock population, identification of the vulnerabilities, awareness of the risks, and the needs of such animals and their owners during a disaster or emergency event.



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