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The Community and Development Services department is comprised of several diverse divisions that provide a wide range of both hard and soft services to Wheatland and the region as a whole. Business divisions within the department include subdivision and redesignation, development services, safety codes, fire and emergency services, economic development, tourism, community services (parks and recreation), and protective services. Have a look at the 2019-2021 Department Plan.

The team provides long-term planning and permitting to ensure projects and developments adhere to our statutory plans, and maintain an appropriate service delivery standard.

The department also provides economic development services. These services include business support and engagement to aid in retaining or expanding their existing operations in the County. This division also promotes Wheatland to attract new investments and visitation in collaboration with multiple stakeholders.

Applications and Resources

Permit applications, recommendations, and checklists


Fitness, outdoor recreation, and memorial opportunities in Wheatland


Taking your project or business from concept to reality and doing so properly

Economic Development

Supporting local businesses and promoting investment opportunities

Fire Services
and Permitting

Protecting our land, livestock, and properties from fire

Protective Services and Animal Control

Municipal enforcement to keep our roads and communities safe ​

Emergency Management

Regional alerting system, preparing for emergencies, and staying safe

Safety Code Permits and Inspections

Helping you build and renovate safely and successfully


Learn more about Subdivision and Development Appeals

Subdivision and Redesignation

How to subdivide your land and change the land use

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