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The county is responsible for clearing snow from all public roads with the exception of Provincial highways and un-maintained roads. On gravel roads snow clearing is done by local divisional graders, paved roads are cleared by plow / sanding trucks.

Snow clearing occurs by priority:

  • All main roads (except for those provincially maintained)
  • All school bus routes
  • Non-school bus routes

Note: Private roads, driveways, and field approaches are not considered county responsibility

Landowner Snow Removal & Winter Responsibilities

With snowfall, the winter season can provide challenges to all. We advise that residents and road users be prepared, accountable, and practice safe travel and driving habits.

  • When travelling, ensure all occupants have sufficient winter clothing and supplies in case of extreme weather that may suddenly restrict travel. A standard first-aid kit or emergency kit is also recommended to be included in every vehicle.
  • Property owners and/or temporary occupants are asked to ensure all vehicles are parked in their proper and legal laneways to allow the County Public Works Department and local Emergency Services easy access at all times. Be courteous to your neighbours, and consider having your sidewalk and access clear of snow and debris to allow safe passage.
  • Rural and Urban property owners and/or temporary occupants are reminded when removing snow from their private/commercial access points (i.e. drive-ways, approaches) to refrain from pushing/depositing snow onto or across county roads. This action results in increased hazards to road users, liability to person(s) responsible and further drifting. Depositing materials on or along any Wheatland County roadway (i.e. ditch, lane or approach) may result in fines as identified in the Wheatland County Traffic Control Bylaw.

We thank all residents and travelers of Wheatland County for their positive comments, cooperation, patience and understanding thus far.

If you have any questions or concerns about these advisement’s or any other comments, please contact us at: 403-934-3321 or send us a message.

Private Laneways

As of July 1, 2009 laneway snowplowing is no longer offered by Wheatland County. If you want your private laneway plowed, there are numerous private contractors available for hire.

If you are an organization that offers snow removal within Wheatland County and want to remove snow from County road right-of-ways, public sidewalks, and/or other areas under County jurisdiction, you must have an approved Access and Work Agreement. You can apply  online for an Access and Work Agreementsend us an email, or give us a call at 403-361-2000.

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