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Township Road 272 Slide Repair Project Update

Due to various constraints, construction for TWP 272 Slide Repairs has been postponed to Spring or early Summer of 2022.  A monitoring plan has been established with Engineers, and temporary repairs for the road are scheduled to commence within the next few weeks in an effort to maintain the existing single lane access until final […]

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Rosebud Sidewalk Repairs

Wheatland County has conducted their final review of the various sidewalk repair work, and remaining deficiencies have been highlighted – including the settling of the pavement across Severn Ave.  Currently, due to this settlement Wheatland County has temporarily closed drive access in this location for safety purposes.  Residents wishing to access Severn Ave west of […]

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Road Bans in Effect – August 13, 2021

By order of the Chief Administrative Officer of Wheatland County, Highway Order No. 21-03 defining maximum allowable weights permitted on certain municipal roads. Pursuant to the authority granted under the provisions of By-law Number 2019-15, and in accordance to Section 152(1) of the Traffic Safety Act, the CAO orders that effective immediately,12:00 P.M. Friday, August […]

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Rosebud Sidewalk Repairs Update – August 13, 2021

The repairs and replacements of the various sidewalks/curbs in Rosebud were completed this week.  Wheatland County is conducting their final review of the work, and any remaining deficiencies are anticipated to be corrected next week.  Thank you to the residents of Rosebud for your patience and cooperation during construction.

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