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Road Approach Application

Standards for Road Approaches 

A preliminary inspection is required prior to the start of construction

  • Sight distance must be 183 metres (600 ft.) when accessing roads with a posted speed limit of 80 km per hour and 305 metres (1,000 ft.) when accessing roads with a posted speed limit of 100 km per hour.
  • Side slopes are to be at a ratio compatible to the existing roadway with a maximum of 3:1.
  • Top of approach must be a minimum of 9.8 metres (32 ft.) in width.
  • Surface of approach to match the surface of the adjoining roadway.
  • Approaches must be located a minimum of 15.5 metres (50 ft.) from an intersection of two local roads, measured from the closest edge of the approach to the shoulder of the intersecting road.
  • The use of organic material (top soil) is prohibited in the construction of a road approach.
  • Approaches that have a downhill grade onto a municipal road will not be permitted.
  • Used culverts are not permitted.
  • Topsoil must be removed.
  • The build out must consist of clay or pitrun.
  • If a culvert is required, you will be notified on the application under additional conditions.

Before building an approach, an access and work agreement must be in place.


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