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Emergency services provided by Wheatland County encompass all aspects of fire suppression, rescue and disaster services, bylaw enforcement, development compliance, traffic enforcement, and municipal enforcement.

Livestock Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies and disasters can happen with little or no warning. Do you know how to protect your livestock from risks posed by natural disasters or emergencies?

Wheatland County has begun to incorporate livestock into our emergency response plans. Learn more…

Alert Systems

Alberta Emergency Alert

The Alberta Emergency Alert program has information about all provincial Emergency Alerts providing you with critical information about an immediate disaster, where it is occurring and what action you need to take.


Wheatland County’s Regional Emergency Alert System

In times of crisis it is important that residents have access to trusted, timely and accurate information to ensure their own safety and that of their family and loved ones. In response to this need, Wheatland County has chosen Voyent Alert! as the communication service provider for these kinds of events.

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