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2021 General Property Assessment Inspections

Wheatland County Assessment department will be performing the 2021 general property assessment inspections for most of the improved parcels located in Range 26(westerly portion of the County) including Hamlets of Carseland, Cheadle and Lyalta (excluding Lakes of Muirfield). The purpose of the inspections is to update property assessment information.

The inspections will require taking photographs and may require measuring buildings.  Due to COVID 19, the Assessment department will try to perform most inspections visually from the road but occasionally may require an onsite inspection.  If necessary, a call back card will be placed on the main entrance door of the residence or another conspicuous location.  The inspections will occur during June, July, August and possibly September of 2021.

All assessors carry personal identification and wear a high visibility vest. The vehicle entering the yard site will be clearly marked with a Wheatland County logo and “Assessment Department”. Assessors will be adhering to all safety procedures.

The Assessment department is striving to prepare and maintain a fair and equitable property assessment base and would like to thank residents in advance for their cooperation during the 2021 assessment inspections. 

Should concerns arise during these inspections, please contact the Senior Assessor at 403-361-2009 or Dennis.Klem@wheatlandcounty.ca.

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