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Highway 817 and Highway 24 Alignment Project – Set to begin in 2022

Alberta Transportation will be realigning the intersection of HWY 817 and HWY 24 during the 2022 construction season.

Currently HWY 817 intersects HWY 24 at the entrance to the hamlet of Speargrass, this intersection is being realigned north on HWY 817 to TWP 221.

The Speargrass entrance will be closed from accessing HWY 817 directly, and instead traffic will be directed north leaving Speargrass, along the old HWY 24 alignment, to a new intersection with HWY 24. They will then be able to travel east 0.8km along the new HWY 24 alignment to the new intersection with HWY 817.

The old HWY 24 alignment north from Speargrass will move under County jurisdiction and be maintained by County forces following construction.

TWP 220 will be closed from accessing HWY 817 just east of the HWY 24 intersection and will be realigned parallel to the new HWY alignment and extended north to TWP 221. It will then intersect TWP 221 just east of the new HWY 817 and HWY 24 intersection.

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