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Wheatland’s Community Tree Planting Initiative

Wheatland County, in partnership with Telus Environmental Services and Tree Canada, is planning multiple tree and shrub planting projects on municipal land over the next 1-3 years, starting with sites at the Wheatland County Administration Building, within the Hamlet of Rosebud, and at the Carseland Lagoon. This enhancement project has linkages with the Wheatland County’s Shelterbelt and Eco-buffer Seedling Program, which provides funding to landowners for new tree planting projects in Wheatland County, as well as our Wheatland Agricultural Stewardship and ALUS Wheatland Programs. These projects will demonstrate the benefits of shelterbelt and eco-buffer projects, showcasing species that are well adapted to the region, planting techniques, and best practices in our community.

We hope to inspire new tree planting projects in the County, providing opportunities for learning and creating a welcoming outdoor space for those who visit the Wheatland County Administration Building. This project will yield numerous associated benefits, including improved building energy efficiency, enhanced aesthetic value to the yard and landscape, habitat creation for wildlife and pollinators, reduced soil erosion and moisture evaporation, snow capture for drift management, and enhanced moisture retention.

This project is made possible due to the collaborative efforts of all parties involved, especially our sponsors. Currently, the materials and financial contributions for this project are valued at over $50,000. Wheatland County would like to express gratitude to:

  • Tree Canada and Telus Environmental for providing approximately 12,000 tree seedlings and the labor to plant them.
  • The Town of Drumheller for their donation of mulch.
  • The Red Deer River Watershed Alliance for their financial contribution to the Rosebud project.

For more information about this project, please contact agandenv@wheatlandcounty.ca.

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