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Wheatland County Council Approves 2024 Interim Budget

Wheatland County Council has approved the Interim Operating Budget for 2024–2026 and Interim Capital Budget for 2024–2028. The 2024 budget includes a 3.0% increase in municipal tax revenue, driven in part by new development and growth. The increase is deliberately set low relative to the inflationary cost pressures experienced by many residents and businesses, as Council recognizes the challenging financial circumstances. The 5-year Capital Budget presents substantial prospects for County-driven infrastructure investment, which will help to facilitate economic expansion, diversify revenue streams, and encourage growth. 

The final Operating and Capital Budgets will be reviewed and approved by Council in April 2024, at which time the total tax increase and mill rates will be determined. Council encourages all residents to participate in this process and share their thoughts and concerns.

Council will continue to work towards providing a balance between fiscal prudence and effective service delivery for Wheatland County ratepayers. 

After thorough planning and deliberation, Wheatland County Council is pleased to approve the Interim Operating and Capital Budgets for the fiscal year 2024. Annually drafted by Administration and approved by Council, this budget is carefully designed to align with Wheatland County’s Strategic Plan. The 2024 budget strategically balances investments, fiscal prudence, and aims to deliver high-quality municipal services to our ratepayers. 

– Reeve, Amber Link

2024 Capital Budget Summary

  • $164,600 Administration 
  • $172,000 Fire 
  • $266,600 Public Works – Hamlets 
  • $6.2M Public Works – Bridges 
  • $5.1M Public Works – General Construction & Road Maintenance 
  • $5.3M Public Works – Paved Roads 
  • $5.9M Equipment/Fleet 
  • $30,000 Storm Drainage 
  • $11.9M Water 
  • $40,000 Water – Muirfield 
  • $1.5M Sewer 
  • $100,000 Waste Management 
  • $11,220 Cemetery 
  • $532,000 Agricultural Service Board 
  • $230,000 Facilities 
  • $290,000 Community Services 

Please view the detailed 2024 Interim Capital and Operating Budget reports below.  

Approved Interim Operating Budget 2024-2026 Approved Interim Capital Budget 2024-2028
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