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Muirfield Discoloured Water Update: March 11, 2023

Attention Muirfield Water Users:

The County has completed the investigation into the discolouration of treated water in Muirfield. The source of the discolouration has been identified, and necessary adjustments in the treatment process have been implemented to rectify this aesthetic concern. Continued testing has verified that these modifications are effectively reducing the discolouration. Moreover, the ongoing testing has shown that the water has met Alberta Environment and Protected Area’s regulatory standards for human consumption throughout this incident.⁣⁣
It is expected that the water colour will fully normalize across the community within the next week or two as the system purges the remaining impacted water. Our team is dedicated to enhanced and continuous monitoring and testing until this matter is completely resolved. We appreciate the patience and understanding shown by the Lakes of Muirfield community members during the investigation and ongoing resolution of this issue.⁣⁣
For any questions related to this issue, please contact Wheatland County at 403-934-3321. ⁣⁣

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