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2022-2025 Wheatland County Strategic Plan

Wheatland County Council approved the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan during the June 21, 2022, Council meeting.

A Strategic plan is an organization’s process of defining its future directions and making choices to guide policy decisions, resource allocations, and organizational efforts. In local government, not only does it entail aligning organizational aims with actions, tactics with responsibilities, and resources to timelines, but ensuring both Council and staff are on the same page!

The Strategic Plan focuses on the vision of innovation while maintaining cultural heritage, making Wheatland County a sustainable region that our residents are proud to call home.  The plan includes four key strategic pillars to achieve this goal:

  • Diverse and Thriving Economy
  • Sustainable Organization
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Communication

Council’s Strategic Plan leads to a Corporate Business Plan followed by Department Business Plans. Council’s Strategic Plan identifies the vision and the key priorities for the community; furthermore, Administration uses the key priorities during day-to day tasks to support and execute Council’s strategic direction. Council and Administration work to ensure that the County’s overall vision align to the long-term plans and policies (i.e., Municipal Development Plan, Land-Use Bylaw, Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks). The Corporate Business Plan articulates changes that allow the organization to achieve Council’s key priorities by utilizing long-term plans and policies. From there, Department Plans evolve from the Corporate Business Plan to identify key initiatives and actions.

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