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Environmental Appeals Board – Notice of Hearing

RE: EarthRenew Strathmore Inc./Water Act Licence No. 00433625-00-00/Our File Nos.: EAB 20-026

Water Act Licence

The Environmental Appeals Board has scheduled a hearing for July 15, 2021 to hear submissions with respect to the September 22, 2020 decision of the Director, South Saskatchewan Region, Alberta Environment and Parks, to issue Water Act Licence No. 00433625-00-00 to EarthRenew Strathmore Inc. to operate a works and to divert up to 2,124.72 cubic metres of water per year from Well GIC ID 1305269 located in SE 27-025-025-W4M for commercial purposes (power generation) near Strathmore, in Wheatland County.


Any person, other than the parties, who wishes to make a representation before the Board on this appeal must submit a request in writing by fax or by e-mail to the Board at the fax number or e-mail address set out below. The request must be received by the Board on or before May 14, 2021. It is your responsibility to ensure that your request is received by the Board by May 14, 2021. Such a request shall (a) contain the name, address, e-mail, and telephone and fax numbers of the person submitting the request, (b) indicate whether the person submitting the request intends to be represented by a lawyer or agent and, if so, the name of the lawyer or agent, (c) contain a summary of the nature of the person’s interest in these appeals, and (d) be signed by the person submitting the request. Applications will only be considered if the information will assist the Board in making its decision, and will not duplicate the information provided by the parties. After May 14, 2021, the Board will, in its discretion, determine if other persons may make representations, and the manner in which they can be made. Since the hearing is being held via video conference, it will not be open to the public for viewing. You may request a copy of the audio recording.

The information requested is necessary to allow the Environmental Appeals Board to perform its function. The information is collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, section 33(c). Section 33(c) provides that personal information may only be collected if that information relates directly to and is necessary for the processing of this appeal. The information you provide will be considered a public record.

Viewing Documents

Please contact the Board for information regarding the file in this matter.

Information Requests

Environmental Appeals Board
Registrar of Appeals
306, 10011 – 109 Street
Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 3S8
Telephone: 780-427-6207
Toll-free 310-0000, followed by 780-427-6207
Fax: 780-427-4693
E-Mail: gilbert.vannes@gov.ab.ca
Website: www.eab.gov.ab.ca

About the Board

The Environmental Appeals Board is an independent quasijudicial body that hears appeals of certain decisions made by Alberta Environment and Parks.

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