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Driving Awareness Refresh

With summer approaching and more vehicles travelling on the highways, it is important for drivers to remember Speed Limits.

In Alberta, the maximum speed limits, unless otherwise posted, are:

  • 50 km/h in an urban area
  • 80 km/h in a rural area including gravel roads
  • 100 km/h on two lane undivided highways
  • 30 km/h in Playground Zones which are in effect from 0830 to 1 hour after sunset
  • 30 km/h in School Zones which are in effect from 0800-0930, 1130-1330, and 1500-1630

The faster a vehicle is travelling affects the stopping distance as well When a vehicle is travelling at:

  • 50km/h the braking distance is 35m
  • 100 km/h, the braking distance is 98m
  • 140km/h the braking distance is 170m

Recently, Wheatland County Protective Services has encountered people travelling on the highways more than 150km/h on two lane highways, and 170km/h on four lane divided highways. These high speeds put everyone using the highways at risk.

Please, for your own safety and everyone else’s, please obey the speed limits as posted so everyone can get to where they are going safely.

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