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Attention Residents of Wheatland County, Town of Strathmore, and City of Chestermere:

Mark your calendars for September 28, 2023, as the Wheatland Regional Emergency Management Partnership (WREMP) embarks on a regional LIVE EXERCISE. This event will serve as a simulation of a real emergency scenario, where our dedicated WREMP team will spring into action to practice our collective readiness for future emergencies.

But what does this mean for you? During this simulation exercise, Wheatland County, Town of Strathmore, and City of Chestermere will deliver real-time alerts and notifications via multiple communication channels, including social media and Voyent Alert. Rest assured, we will provide clarity in the messaging, emphasizing that these communications are purely for practice purposes.

WREMP urges all residents to take this unique opportunity to assess and enhance your own preparedness for emergencies. Use this time to engage in discussions with your family, friends, and neighbors about emergency readiness.

Let’s ensure we are “Ready Today for a Safe Tomorrow.”

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