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Public Notice – Carseland Water Reservoir Repairs

Construction Period –Summer/Fall 2021

The water reservoir in Carseland is over 50 years old and due to its age, has been showing signs of leaking. To prolong the longevity of the system, several repairs are required.

Exterior work will start in Late-July and crews will be working until Late-August to complete the work. Interior repairs are currently scheduled to run from Mid-September to Late-September.

The Carseland Water Reservoir Repairs will include:

  1. Patch/repair exterior cracks
  2. Re-finish exterior
  3. Seal interior construction joints
  4. Clean outlet pipe

    Traffic Detours
    We do not anticipate any impacts to traffic for this work.

    Construction Updates
    Once construction commences, weekly updates will be posted on the County website: www.wheatlandcounty.ca

    Any questions or comments can be directed to Maureen Saunders, Special Projects Coordinator: P: 403-934-3284 E: maureen.saunders@wheatlandcounty.ca
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