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Home-Based Business

What is a Home-Based Business?

A Home-Based Business is a small, non-intrusive, low risk, low intensity development that can be integrated into and is compatible with adjacent non-commercial or non-industrial sites. There are three categories of Home-Based Businesses

Home-Based Business, Type 1

An example would include a home office (ie for realtors, accountants etc). As there is minimal site traffic, visibility and little to no impact on adjacent landowners, this type of Home-Based Business does not require a Development Permit.

Home-Based Business, Type 2

An example of this would be more service-oriented businesses such as a hair dresser, massage therapy etc. This would involve a few customer trips and potentially employ a few off-site employees. A Development Permit (DP) is required.

Home-Based Business, Type 3

An example of this would be a contracting business and may involve a landscaping company, welding business etc. This would involve a higher number of off-site employees and a greater number of vehicular trips. A Development Permit (DP) is required.

Note: Uses that exceed the business standards of a Home-Based Business should be more appropriately designated to an alternative and compatible land use district (i.e. Rural Business, Highway Commercial or Industrial General).

To easily determine whether your proposed business qualifies or fits as a Home-Based Business, please see the table below.


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