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AHS Mobile Screen Test is coming to Strathmore!

A message from Alberta Health Services:

Bringing good breast health to you

The AHS Screen Test Mobile Mammography Clinic will be returning to Strathmore April 8 to 20, 2024. Screen Test brings breast cancer screening to clients across Alberta with its state-of-the-art mobile mammography unit. Thank you for supporting Screen Test over the past 30 years. It has been our pleasure bringing screening mammography to you. Together we are saving lives, one community at a time.

How to help raise awareness:

  • Share the attached e-poster on Facebook and online community groups, forward to your colleagues, friends and individuals who may be eligible (age 40+). A PDF and JPG are included for your convenience.
  • To order other resources please fill the attached resource order form and fax or email screen.test@ahs.ca
  • Visit the screeningforlife.ca website for breast health and Screen Test information, including:
    • Have questions?  Get some answers with our FAQs
    • Learn about your personal risk of breast cancer and what you can do about it here
  • Tweet about it – share this tweet “Did you know that mammogram saves lives? The Screen Test mobile mammogram clinic will be in Strathmore April 8 to 20, 2024. Call 1-800-667-0604 (toll-free) today to book an appointment!”

Here’s some info about the clinic:

What: AHS Screen Test Mobile Mammography Clinic

How to book: Call 1-800-667-0604 (toll-free)

Cost: None

Who should be screened?

  • 45 to 74: This group is most commonly diagnosed with breast cancer, and should plan to have a mammogram every 2 years until they turn 75. This group can self-refer.
  • 40 to 44: Screening is optional and they should discuss the risks and benefits of screening with their health care provider. A referral is needed for their first mammogram in Alberta, which is available online here.
  • 75 and over: Can continue screening and should discuss the risks and benefits with their health care provider.
  • Screening mammograms are not recommended for those under age 40: Talk to your health care provider if concerned about having an increased risk of breast cancer.
Transgender, gender diverse and non-binary people eligible for screening:
  • Assigned female at birth and have not undergone top surgery (mastectomy), or
  • Assigned male at birth and have been on feminizing hormone therapy for 5+ years in total.

Why are mammograms important? Screening mammograms are routine tests used to find early signs of cancer in individuals who have no breast problems or symptoms. They can find changes in the breast that are too small to be felt. Early detection with mammograms is one of the reasons that most women (89%) are now surviving breast cancer. To learn more about Screen Test, visit our website or call us at 1-800-667-0604.

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