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2024 Dust Control Program Now Open

Wheatland County is now accepting orders for the 2024 Dust Control Program!

Dust control is offered by Wheatland County for landowners or residents within the County who wish to reduce the amount of dust created by vehicles traveling on the gravel roads near their homes, businesses, or farms.

2024 Purchased Dust Control Order Form

Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride is saltwater brine. Once calcium chloride has been applied twice it will typically last the season under normal conditions.

Deadline for Applications

  • First Round: Application deadline is May 17, 2024
    (Weather permitting, application will occur starting May 21)
  • Second round:  Application deadline is June 7, 2024
    (Weather permitting, application will occur starting June 10)


  • County roads $6.19/meter plus GST


Oil is crude oil mixed with gravel; it is then spread and packed. Oil should last three or more years under normal conditions. Because oil is easier to mix and will last longer if the weather is hot and dry, the county waits until midsummer to apply.

Deadline for Applications

  • Application deadline is July 5, 2024
    (Weather permitting, application will occur during July)


  • County roads $32.68/meter plus GST (New Application)
  • Gravel Secondary Highway $35.68/meter plus GST (New Application)
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