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Where there's room to grow...with funding for community programming

Community is so much more than a group of people living together in the same area. It is, instead, a group of people sharing in social, recreational, and cultural activities and programs.

Wheatland County recognizes the importance of building a sense of community, and understands the real need for sustainable funding to keep programs and facilities operating. Because of this, the Community Enhancement Fund was created. 

Who makes up the board?

The Community Enhancement Regional Board (CERB) consists of two members from each electoral division, appointed by Wheatland County Council. Members on the CERB are appointed for a two year term with alternating expiry dates. The Community Enhancement Regional Board meets three times every spring to evaluate applications and decide on the allocation of Community Enhancement Funding to community groups in Wheatland County.  

What is the Community Enhancement Fund?

The Community Enhancement Fund provides grant funding from Wheatland County to enhance, promote, and support groups and organizations that bring a broad range of enjoyment, benefit, beautification, recreation, entertainment, participation, and enhancement projects to Wheatland County. The program is intended to invest tax payer dollars annually to support recreational, cultural and other community activities, facilities, and resources that are utilized by Wheatland County residents.

Within the Community Enhancement Fund grant program, there are three categories:

  • Project-Based Grants provide financial assistance for community organizations, for such things as, but not limited to, equipment purchases beautification projects, facility construction or renovation projects, facility maintenance, celebrations and community events, history books, programs or special funding requests within Wheatland County.
  • Operating Grants provide financial assistance to registered non-profit organizations in Wheatland County to enhance the organization’s ability to operate and to deliver services to the community.
  • Library Grants  are provided to libraries used by Wheatland County residents based on a formula approved by Wheatland County Council.

The Community Enhancement Fund grant program is governed by the terms outlined in the Wheatland County Community Enhancement Reserve Policy.

Application Process, Reporting Requirements, and Extensions

To learn more about the application process, reporting requirements, and project extensions, visit the Community Enhancement Regional Board resources page.

CERB Applications and Reporting Forms

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