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Wheatland County Unveils WC Mercantile

Media Release

WHEATLAND COUNTY, AB (February 8, 2021) – Wheatland County’s Community and Development Services department launches WC Mercantile under its WC tactical branding. WC Mercantile is the first of the WC’s sector-focused initiatives to improve marketing and attract investments within Wheatland County’s agriculture value-chain.

The WC Mercantile initiative will build a network of producers, processors, manufacturers, distributors, and connect them to the retail and restaurant markets, and beyond into export development. The initiative will build communication and collaboration, and market out those efforts to further expand the value-chain network. Buyers will be connected to what is being produced and processed in Wheatland County.

“With Council and Administration strategically focused on investment attraction in Wheatland County, WC Mercantile will support and develop out our largest economic sector,” stated Reeve Amber Link. “I’m excited to see the rollout of the WC Mercantile and how this model could potentially be used in other existing or emerging sectors.”

Through all the WC marketing efforts, the WC Mercantile will leverage the existing WC brand and tell its own story by highlighting the agricultural activity happening within Wheatland County. “The WC has been a tremendous start for economic development and investment attraction efforts by the department in the last year,” states General Manager of Community and Development Services Matthew Boscariol. “The WC Mercantile puts the WC brand to work within the department’s implementation plan within the Economic Development division.”

The WC Mercantile initiative will officially launch Friday, February 12, at 9 a.m., with a pandemic-born event, the “WC Conversation.” The ongoing social media efforts focused towards connecting businesses and business support groups of the WC, provide the opportunity to begin the development of this value-chain network. Farms and businesses involved in the agriculture sector are welcome to attend this WC Conversation and become a part of the network.

More information about the WC Mercantile is available at infinitewc.ca/wc-mercantile/. Register online for the WC Merchantile launch at https://bit.ly/2MvLv9H and read more about the WC Conversations at infinitewc.ca/media/.

About the WC

The WC is the tactical brand for the Community and Development Services department within Wheatland County. The department is comprised of the Community Services, Economic Development, Planning and Development, Protective Services, and Graphical Information Services (GIS) divisions. The WC brand statement “infinite landscapes, infinite possibilities” highlights Wheatland County’s location and the unlimited potential as a community.

#infinitewc | www.infinitewc.ca.

About Wheatland County

Wheatland County has a population of 8,788 residents. Our proud heritage of independence and hard work shows in our farms and ranches – and our pride in the past is still evident. Our work ethic and dedicated stewardship of the land, once primarily agricultural, is now our strength we look forward to the future. Continuing growth and development in agribusiness, oil and gas, and manufacturing will add a vibrant entrepreneurial outlook.


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