Wheatland County unveils its Community Profile

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WHEATLAND COUNTY, AB (October 1, 2020) – Wheatland County has produced another element in its strategy to promote its story, local businesses, and the region, for investment attraction and to welcome new residents to the region. The Community Profile and its companion editions will assist in giving a comprehensive overview of Wheatland County and the area. The companion editions are subject-specific portions of the Community Profile and are designed for specific uses.

“The Building of Wheatland County” provides an overview of the history of the region and a brief synopsis of the communities within Wheatland County. “Investing in Wheatland County” provides an overview of statistical data, development fees, and business support programs and services. “Living in Wheatland County” is a snapshot of regional quality of life assets, comparative tax rates in the broader region, utilities, support programs, and service information. The companion editions’ content makes up the full Community profile.

“The Community Profile is a foundational component of our economic development toolkit,” states General Manager of Community and Development Services Matthew Boscariol. “It provides core welcome information for investment, new residents, and visitors to the region. It is a living document and will be continually refined with the most up-to-date data and information over time. It is a milestone for the newly developed Economic Development Division, and it’s compiled content gives the WC brand, launched late last year, the teeth to show Wheatland is ready to welcome business and new residents.”

The Community Profile and companion editions are available for download at both www.wheatlandcounty.ca and www.infinitewc.ca.

About the WC

The WC is the tactical brand for the Community and Development Services department within Wheatland County. The department is comprised of the Community Services, Economic Development, Planning and Development, Protective Services, and Fire and Emergency Services divisions. The WC brand statement “infinite landscapes, infinite possibilities” highlights Wheatland County’s location and the unlimited potential as a community.
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About Wheatland County

Wheatland County has a population of 8,788 residents. Our proud heritage of independence and hard work shows in our farms and ranches – and our pride in the past is still evident. Our work ethic and dedicated stewardship of the land, once primarily agricultural, is now our strength as we look forward to the future. Continuing growth and development in agribusiness, oil and gas, and manufacturing will add a vibrant entrepreneurial outlook.


Media Contacts:
Economic Development Officer, Patrick Earl, 403-934-3321, patrick.earl@wheatlandcounty.ca

Communications Specialist, Mackenzie Maier, 403-934-3321, mackenzie.maier@wheatlandcounty.ca

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