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Wheatland County Field & Crop Surveys

Wheatland County Agricultural and Environment staff will be conducting a series of comprehensive field surveys and weed inspections throughout the summer. These surveys span across the entire County and encompass randomly selected sites. It’s important to note that landowner information will remain strictly confidential and will not be disclosed along with the survey results.

Surveys included for the 2023 season are:

  • Grasshopper
  • Bertha Army Worm
  • Clubroot
  • Fusarium graminearum
  • Weed surveys

The information collected from the surveys mentioned above is utilized in provincial studies and forecasting, providing valuable insights to Wheatland County producers regarding potential economic thresholds.

For more information contact:
George Bloom, Manager of the Agricultural and Environment Department

Explore the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation’s comprehensive online resources, available at https://www.alberta.ca/agriculture-and-irrigation.aspx. Discover valuable information, including annual Grasshopper Forecasting Maps, up-to-date Clubroot Infestation Maps, and the meticulously designed Alberta Fusarium Graminearum Management Plan.                                                                            

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