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Jason Wilson - Division 1 Councillor

Well, if you were wondering who the good looking, young guy was on council, you found him!!

I have lived in Division one for the last eighteen years. Prior to that, my family lived in Gleichen. We now reside a mile and a half north of Gleichen on my great, great grandparents' ranch, which was established in 1901. My father grew up both on and off the ranch, but was always working and improving our family business. My mother is the daughter of Don and Dianne Brown, who live north of the Cluny hill top three miles. Both of my parents' families have been farming in the area for many years, and will hopefully continue to do so.

Being raised in a small rural community I understand how important a role they play in building not only our county but our province as well. Communities like Gleichen, Hussar, Standard and all the other rural towns in our County have built this province, and I believe that with pro-business and pro-incentive we can do it again. I want to spear-head joint municipalities projects and make sure past conflicts are left in the past. I would consider myself a very community diverse person because I have been involved in multiple communities throughout my life. I have played baseball and hockey in Hussar as well as been a part of their 4-H Beef club. I curl all over the county, whether that be Gleichen, Hussar, Standard, Strathmore or Carseland. As a county we should encourage ratepayers to support their surrounding communities to make sure we never lose that small town sense.

I am honoured to be elected Division One Councilor. I have always been interested in politics throughout my short young life and have become more involved quite recently. I was VP for membership and organization in the PCYA (Progressive Conservative Youth of Alberta) and was a big supporter of conservative unity in Alberta. I currently sit on the CA board for the United Conservative Party of Alberta for Strathmore-Brooks. I believe politics is something that we must be informed about and involved in in order to really understand where we are going and how to get there as a society.

If you have any other questions regarding my personal life or vision for the county, please feel free to call. Oh, and...if you need a spare in a curling game, I can always make time.

Kindest Regards,
Jason Wilson
Division 1 Councillor

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