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Strathmore Motor Products Sports Centre Updates

October 2018

Below are a few project updates on contruction, sponsors, and progress of the new facility. For the full update, take a look at this poster

Construction Progress:

  • Construction is quickly progressing on the main floor while students are occupying the second floor.
  • The flooring, baffles, railing and finishing work is in progress, plus the elevator is up and running.
  • Pathway is in progress linking the community of Edgefield and the facility.
  • Parking lot and on-site sidewalks are complete.

You’re Invited!

  • Join us as we experience the new Strathmore Motor Products Sports Centre at their Sneak-a-Peek
    evening featuring Canadian Olympic Curler, John Morris. Enjoy an evening of inspiring stories while
    sipping on cocktails and shopping the silent auction, raffle and more. All funds raised will go towards
    enhancements in the facility. Grab your tickets for your first chance to catch a glimpse of the facility
    on Thursday, Nov. 8 at 5:30 pm. for $60: Get tickets here

Roads and pathways

  • The new road and pathways for 2018 into the Strathmore Motor Products Sports Centre and George
    are complete.
  • Discussion has been around extending pathways to help foot traffic access the new facility safely and
    council is hopeful with the permission of the landowners a pathway will be plowed and maintained
    until further projects can be done in 2019.

Funding & Sponsorship

  • A few sponsor announcements are in the works! Stay tuned!
  • Sponsorships are available. Sponsorship provides additional funding for enhancements of the facility
    and the opportunity for companies to position themselves as a community leader associated with the
    importance of healthy lifestyles. There are many levels of sponsorship available from naming rights to
    purchasing equipment. For more information contact: Tracey Simpson or Steve Grajczyk.

Project Contact
Contact: Mark Pretzlaff, Recreation Manager
Email: mark.pretzlaff@strathmore.ca

For ongoing up-to-date information visit the Town of Strathmore Facilities Page.

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