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Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

The Chief Administrative Officer for Wheatland County reports directly to County Council. The position provides leadership, vision, and direction to all departments and County staff as well as information support to Council so they may make informed decisions.

The Alberta Municipal Government Act defines the responsibilities of the position of Chief Administrative Officer under section 207 as:

Chief Administrative Officer’s responsibilities:

  • is the administrative head of the municipality;
  • ensures that the policies and programs of the municipality are implemented;
  • advises and informs the council on the operation and affairs of the municipality;
  • performs the duties and functions and exercises the powers assigned to a chief administrative officer by this and other enactments or assigned by council.

Welcome to Wheatland County, where our Vision is to Provide Responsible, Accountable and Effective Governance. My role as Chief Administrative Officer is to ensure that governance decisions approved by Council are implemented in the activities of County operations.

Wheatland County is committed to providing services that recognize and encourage balanced, sustainable, long term growth and opportunities. We advocate prudent use of our resources and promote a quality of life for our citizens that reflect our agricultural heritage.

As the County continues to grow, we, as an organization, will remain committed to maintaining firm land use planning—preserving agricultural land and sustaining the quality of life our residents enjoy.
Thank you for visiting our website and taking an interest in our County. On behalf of the entire team,welcometo Wheatland County.

Alan Parkin, MBA, RET, CLGM
Chief Administrative Officer

Responsible Government
I serve as Chief Administrative Officer and am responsible for the overall administration of the County. It is my duty to follow provincial legislation, to work in conjunction with all levels of Government, and to align administration with Council’s directions and policies.

Service Principles
At Wheatland County we strive to achieve outstanding service in our work. I support Council and employees to both inspire exceptional customer service and to achieve excellence professionally and personally.

I will continue to build strong partnerships and relationships in all aspects of our work to maximize the benefit for Wheatland County residents.

My goal is to effectively plan and build solid infrastructure and processes, and implement best practices to ensure responsible and accountable growth within the County.

It is important to create a culture that fosters environmental stewardship, community pride and spirit and to promote safe and healthy communities.

Chief Administrative Officer
Alan Parkin, MBA, R.E.T., CLGM


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