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Wheatland County Council Approves Final 2022 Budget

On April 5, 2022, Wheatland County Council approved the 2022 final budget that includes a 0.0% tax increase over the 2021 final budget to ensure that Wheatland County remains sustainable and thriving.

The following motion was made:

THAT Council approve the 2022-2024 Final Operating Budget as presented, with the following amendments: reduction of property taxes of $564,432 and reduce transfers to reserves for the offsetting reduction in tax revenue.

“The last 2 years have brought significant economic uncertainty, both locally and globally. As our community continues to be impacted by these events, the 2022 Approved Final Budget strives to ease the cost-of-living pressures, while maintaining essential services and remaining in a competitive position for business and economic development. The 0% increase strikes a balance between prioritizing fiscal prudence and strategic investment, while maintaining our strong financial position.”

-Reeve, Amber Link

The final operating and capital budgets are set at $62.5 million and $18.6 million, respectively.

Council was mindful to avoid a municipal tax increase to allow both economic recovery and growth, while lessening financial impacts to Wheatland residents and businesses.

2022 Final Budget Highlights:

  • Approximately $10.3 million for road projects and local bridges including $4.9 million for Range Road 205 re-construction
  • Approximately $2.0 million for Water and Storm Drainage projects including an additional water main for Rosebud
  • Approximately $2.0 million for community support such as:
    • ~$0.9 million for the Wheatland Housing Management Body
    • ~$0.7 million for Village Funding and Recreational Facilities
    • ~$0.4 million for the Community Enhancement Regional Board Grant

2022 Capital Budget Summary

  • $6.5 million Public Works – General Construction & Road Maintenance
  • $3.8 million Equipment/Fleet
  • $2.1 million Public Works – Bridges
  • $1.6 million Public Works – Paved Roads
  • $1.4 million Water
  • $0.6 million Agricultural Service Board
  • $0.5 million Administration
  • $0.4 million Sewer
  • $0.4 million Facilities
  • $0.4 million Fire
  • $0.4 million Public Works – Hamlets
  • $0.4 million Community Services, Waste Management, Storm Drainage and Cemetery

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