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Wheatland County Council Approves 2023 Final Budget

On April 4, 2023, Wheatland County Council approved the 2023 Capital and Operating Budgets. The 2023-25 Operating Budget includes a 2.5% municipal property tax revenue increase. Significant growth in assessment was a key determinant in this revenue increase, averaging 9%. Assessment grew as a result of both new development and increased market value. This budget will ensure that Wheatland County remains fiscally prudent while continuing to deliver essential services. 

The following motions were made at the Council Meeting on April 4, 2023: 

THAT Council approves the Capital Budget 2023 – 2027 as presented. 
THAT Council approves the Operating Budget 2023 – 2025 with a 2.5% increase in municipal tax revenue. 

After detailed analysis and deliberation, Wheatland County Council is pleased to approve the Operating and Capital Budgets for the 2023 fiscal year. Council and Administration have thoroughly reviewed the budget to ensure it aligns with Wheatland County’s Strategic Plan. In 2022, we conducted a Budget Engagement Survey with residents to help Council prepare and approve the 2023 budgets. It was determined that businesses, residents, and property owners are experiencing significant inflation and cost of living increases. Council recognized these financial pressures and decided to decrease residential and non-residential tax (mill) rates to counter the large property value increases being realized by many citizens. The final budget strikes a balance between fiscal prudence, strategic investment, and ensuring we continue to sustainably provide municipal services to residents and businesses. The final budget strikes a balance between fiscal prudence, strategic investment, while ensuring we continue to provide sustainable municipal services to residents and businesses.

– Reeve, amber link

The final operating and capital budgets are set at $68.1 million and $25.3 million, respectively. 

2023 Final Budget Highlights:

  • $4.0 million – Reconstruction of Township Road 280 (4 miles) 
  • $2.6 million – County Broadband Project
  • $2.4 million – Range Road 264 Overlay Paving from Township Road 251A to Highway 564
  • $1.1 million – Carseland Cole Crescent Road Replacement 
  • $500,000 – Goldfinch Raw Water Supply Engineering and Design
  • $390,000 – Gleichen Lift Station Repairs
  • $300,000 – Recreational Multi-Use Pathways  
  • $288,000 – Muirfield Distribution Pump Discharge Header Replacement
  • $200,000 – Rosebud Stormwater Drainage on Martin Avenue

*Please note that the 2023 Final Budget Highlights are approximate values.

2023 Capital Budget Summary:

  • Public Works
    • Paved roads, general construction and road maintenance, bridges, hamlets, etc.    
  • Community Services
    • Fire services, protective services, parks and recreation, cemeteries, etc.
  • Agricultural Services
  • Administration 
  • Facilities 
  • Equipment/Fleet 
  • Water 
  • Storm Drainage 
  • Sewer and Waste Management 

Please view the detailed 2023 Capital and Operating Budget reports below. 

Approved Final Operating Budget 2023-2025 Approved Final Capital Budget 2023-2027

View the Final Budgets

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