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Wheatland County Council Approves 2022 Interim Budget

Today, December 21, 2021, Wheatland County Council approved the 2022 interim operating and capital budgets with a proposed zero % increase to municipal tax rates.

The overall $82.4 million budgets include estimated operating expenditures of $63.8 million and estimated capital expenditures of $18.6 million. Council was mindful to avoid a municipal tax increase to allow both economic recovery and growth, while lessening financial impacts to Wheatland residents and businesses.

Wheatland County Council is pleased to pass the Operating and Capital Budgets with no municipal tax increase for 2022. Council has reviewed the budget diligently and we continue to focus on our primary goals of balancing providing municipal services and maintaining tax rates for County residents and businesses.”
– Reeve, Amber Link

2022 Capital Budget Summary

  • $490,200 Administration
  • $440,012 Fire
  • $440,000 Public Works – Hamlets
  • $2.1M Public Works – Bridges
  • $6.5M Public Works – General Construction & Road Maintenance
  • $1.6M Public Works – Paved Roads
  • $3.8M Equipment/Fleet
  • $162,000 Storm Drainage
  • $1.42M Water
  • $372,000 Sewer
  • $50,000 Waste Management
  • $20,000 Cemetery
  • $621,000 Agricultural Service Board
  • $440,500 Facilities
  • $125,000 Community Services

Please view the attachments below for the detailed 2022 interim capital and operating budget reports.

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