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Wheatland County Council Approves 2021 Interim Budget

On December 15, 2020, Wheatland County Council approved the 2021 interim budget that includes a 0.00% tax increase over the 2020 final budget to ensure that Wheatland County remains sustainable and thriving. 

“The 2021 interim budget that Council approved, strikes a balance between fiscal responsibility and providing the municipal services that our residents and businesses have come to expect. The budget is carefully developed to provide a high quality of life at an affordable cost for residents and to provide an ideal location for businesses. The last 10 months have been difficult for everyone, which is why it was important for us to maintain a 0.00% tax dollar budget increase.” 
-Reeve, Amber Link 

The interim operating and capital budgets are set at $60.3 million and $23.3 million, respectively.  The approved 2021 interim budget allows projects to proceed or continue during the first few months of the new year, before Council approves the final budget and sets tax rates in April 2021.  

In October and November 2020, Wheatland County deployed a budget survey for the first time to determine which services were most important to residents and to ask if there were any services that required improvement.
2021 Interim Budget Highlights 

  • $2.7 million for the new Carseland Fire Hall 
  • $550,000 for support to not-for-profit facilities, community recreation, cultural grants, and hamlet projects
  • $139,000 for support to libraries
  • $4.1 million for wastewater projects
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