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Wheatland County (formerly known as the M.D of Wheatland and County of Wheatland) was created in 1954 when parts of 2 Improvement Districts, the M.D. of Bow Valley, Serviceberry, and Kneehill were incorporated. The communities within Wheatland County have a long and proud agricultural history and there are many century farms still in operation.

The formation of the Municipal District of Wheatland No. 40 document from 1954 can be viewed on the Municipal Affairs website.

Gleichen History

The Gleichen call : a history of Gleichen and surrounding areas, 1877-1968

"Gleichen has a vibrant history stretching back to before the founding of our Province, numerous famous and infamous individuals have called Gleichen there home at some point throughout their lives." (The Gleichen Call)

Rosebud History

Rosebud Centennial Museum - a Short History of Rosebud

"The first settlers arrived in the Rosebud area in 1883, they followed ranchers who had settled there." (Rosebud Historical Society)

Akokiniskway, by the river of many roses

A tribute to John Julius Martin and Millicent Vigar Martin - 5A tribute to John Julius Martin and Millicent Vigar Martin - 5

The Rosebud Trail

Lyalta History

History of the Hamlet of Lyalta

"The name Lyalta came from a compound of Lyall and Alberta, suggested by Mr. A. Harry Parsons of Lyall Trading Company. It appears there already was a town by the name of "Lyall" in Alberta. Lyall, a map shows, was surveyed as a future townsite to include a bank and stores." (From Along the Fireguard Trail: A History of Lyalta-Ardenode-Dalroy Districts by Lyalta, Ardenode, Dalroy Historical Society © 1979)

Cluny History

Memories of Cluny

A story of Cluny and the surrounding districts : Cluny, Ouelletteville, Crowfoot Creek, Blackfoot Reserve in Alberta Canada.

Exploring the early connections of Aboriginal and Chinese communities in the Prairies

"More than a century ago, [Cluny's] population was mainly made up of French immigrants, Aboriginal people and two Chinese families." (Missing History 150)


Reflections: Dalum and Area
The History of Dalum


Trails to Little Corner

A story of Namaka and surrounding districts : Blackfoot West End, Cairnhill East Side, Crowfoot, Elwood, Hammer Hill, Harwood, Namaka, Namaka Farm, Orange Valley East Side in Alberta, Canada.

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