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Its Tick Time!

Ticks are most active during the spring, summer and fall seasons and can be active when the temperatures are above 4 degrees Celsius.

Alberta is home to many species of ticks. Most tick species in Alberta do not carry the bacteria that can cause Lyme disease in people. However, there is evidence that tick species capable of carrying the bacteria are expanding their range in Canada. While most ticks do not cause serious health problems, it is important to protect yourself, your family and even your pets from tick bites. Removing a tick within 24 hours of a tick bite can greatly reduce your chance of getting Lyme disease or other tick-borne diseases.

“Submit a Tick” Program

If you find a tick – SUBMIT IT! Ticks will be tested to monitor the risk of Lyme disease. The Province has altered the “Submit a Tick” program for 2023.   Individuals are able to submit certain ticks this year after submitting a photo and receiving prior approval.   Ticks can be assessed and submitted if found on animals, humans and in the environment.

Alberta Lyme Disease and Tick Surveillance Program:

Learn about the submit-a-tick program, how to remove a tick, tick surveillance in Alberta, and Lyme disease


eTick Website:

This map shows the different locations where ticks were reported across Canada


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