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Small Business Week 2020 Celebration in Wheatland County

Media Release

For Immediate Release

WHEATLAND COUNTY, AB (October 1, 2020) – The global pandemic has challenged small businesses in 2020. Wheatland County Economic Development has been working to provide information and collaboration through all the phases of the pandemic since March. This year’s Small Business Week (October 18-24) is no exception. With support from regional partners, Economic Development is working to collect several speakers to host information and collaboration sessions throughout the entire week.

“We are inviting businesses to attend these sessions throughout the week to learn and share ideas on how to work through the challenges that COVID and the economic downturn are creating,” says Wheatland County Reeve, Amber Link. “We know innovation and adaptation are happening in our region and with our business support partners, and if we can share in discussing opportunities and possibilities, we can lift others and get ideas flowing with more people.”

The Community and Development Services WC website became a link resource for businesses to seek support from multiple levels of government, external agencies, and other groups. In late March 2020, the Economic Development division started hosting an “Infinite Possibilities” call to get businesses and support organizations collaborating on how to work through the economic challenges that unfolded throughout the year.

“We have seen since the beginning of the pandemic, the importance of communication and reaching out,” states General Manager of Community and Development Services Matthew Boscariol. “The weekly call grew into a share session with all levels of government and support from different Ministries looking to work and share directly with businesses. Small Business Week provides a way for us to expand the efforts of that weekly call design into online workshop sessions for an entire week on multiple specialized topics for business.”

The WC website at www.infinitewc.ca has developed a Small Business Week page with write-ups and registration links for the sessions. All the WC and Grow with Google sessions are free to attend. Follow the WC on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, and register for the weekly Infinite Possibilities collaboration call happening every Thursday from 1-2 p.m. MDT.

About the WC

The WC is the tactical brand for the Community and Development Services department within Wheatland County. The department is comprised of the Community Services, Economic Development, Planning and Development, Protective Services, and Fire and Emergency Services divisions. The WC brand statement “infinite landscapes, infinite possibilities” highlights Wheatland County’s location and the unlimited potential as a community.
#infinitewc | www.infinitewc.ca.

About Wheatland County

Wheatland County has a population of 8,788 residents. Our proud heritage of independence and hard work shows in our farms and ranches – and our pride in the past is still evident. Our work ethic and dedicated stewardship of the land, once primarily agricultural, is now our strength as we look forward to the future. Continuing growth and development in agribusiness, oil and gas, and manufacturing will add a vibrant entrepreneurial outlook.


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