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Rosebud Tree Removal

On February 23, 2022, we will begin the process of removing three selected trees in Rosebud. The tree removal process is as follows:

February 23, 2022 – Contractor to begin process of removing trees (weather and availability dependent).

  •  The trees will be cut down and majority of the branches will be chipped and piled on site.
  • The bigger pieces (trunks, branches too big for the chipper) will be piled on site.
  • Some material may need to be hauled away based on the amount of space required for the piles.
  • The Hamlet Crew will be on site, when available, to process the larger pieces to manageable sizes.
  • The piles will be left on site and available to be used by residents until the week of March 14.

March 14, 2022 – The Hamlet crew will then remove any remaining material and dispose of it at the Standard Waste Transfer Site.

  • This timeline allows us to have the site cleaned up with minimal damage to the grass before the growing season.

**Please note that if Poplar Borer is detected then all material will be immediately hauled away as a precaution.

Spring 2022 – Hamlet Crew to remove stumps and plant replacement trees. (weather and availability dependent)

  • The Hamlet crew will grind stumps down.
  • Three new trees to be planted in the same area. The new trees will be a species that is better suited for this area and more disease resistant than the ones being removed.
  • The new trees will be approximately 5 feet tall depending on availability.

Please note that weather may interfere with the presented schedule above. The Hamlet Crew schedule may be impacted by snowfall as snow plowing of roadways takes priority over all other work. If the schedule needs to be adjusted, we will post updates on our social media pages.

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